Rays Precision Technology Co., Ltd.--High-precision electrical discharge machines

Rays Precision Technology Co., Ltd. develops and makes a wide range of high-precision electrical discharge machines (EDMs) including micromachining EDMs and deep-hole drilling EDMs.

These machines are ideal tools for mirror finishing, chamfering and micro-hole drilling on hard materials like tungsten steel, brass, extra hard alloys, powder metallurgy, and graphite.

Outfitted with a mirror-finishing system, these machines achieve roughness of sub-0.12 micron on surface of workpieces, making them ideal for drilling micro-hole and R-angle machining on extra-hard alloys. The latest complex programmable logic device (CPLD) coupled with huge database ensures optimal controllability and machining functionality of these energy-efficient machines.

Among the company's notable machines are the M320 and M430 series. The two series share many features in common except for the travels of their X and Y axes, with M320's X and Y axes traversing 300mm x 200mm and M430's traversing 400mm x 300mm.

Their common features include a specially developed electro-control system that enables the two machines to work on various materials, a three-axis linear scale with digital display that ensures measurement error within minus/plus one micron, metric and imperial system compatibility, the capacity for machining both deep holes and large area, a multi-fire-resistant safety system, a high-precision switch knob that is easy to maintain, an auto matching electrical discharge, and an orbital cutting system and a rotary system that ensures better machining.

Both series are capable of completing 200 mm of workpiece per minute along X axis and 400mm along Y axis.

The company has set up solid technical strength, upheld by precision manufacturing equipment, stringent quality inspection, scientific management, and well trained R&D specialists.

The company's other advantages include full inspection of every single machine before shipping, and consolidated shipment or single-container shipment as much as possible to minimize customers' cost.

Placing strong emphasis on research and development, quality, service and innovation, the company has been able to develop innovative products in tune with customers' tailored requirements. 

Rays Precision's micromachining EDM.

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